Agriturismo La Torre

The farmhouse "La Torre" is  located in the tranquil  and  lush countrysideCremasca,  on the road between  S.  Michele  Moscazzano,  on the groundcalled "THE TOWER" where  in the fifteenth  century there was  the  "TORFROM  MUSCASA"  ... and it is  popularly believed that  in the area  of the tower "on the dot  at midnight, to be the  only  one can receive  the bookevil  ..."  (from "Folklore  cremasco"). The  owner  Lauro  Pandini  with dad  Adriano  has decided to  transform  theexisting  farm which  occupied  the rearing of  pigs,  in a new  family-owned company  trying to merge  ancient traditions and  natural foods. The farm  covers an area  of 12  hectares.  Crops  are  corn,  wheat and barley and  are used as  feed  for  farm animals. On the farm  raising  pigs, chickens and  rabbits, which are  used  for the preparation of  meals  accompanied by  seasonal vegetables,  grown incorporate  scrupulously and carefully  by Gigi.At the Tower  you can stay in  rooms  result of the restructuring  of the  farm  on  which it arose the agritourism, and  all the rooms  are newlyfurnished in a simple  invoice  and comfortableand all have a  TV  and private bathroom.

Via XXIV Maggio, 31 – Ripalta Cremasca
Tel:0373 68193