Ristorante Ad Convivium

Ad Conivium comes from an ancient restaurant loved by the cuisine of the territory,famous for boiled meats and other ecipes of traditional cuisine of the town of Crema. Continuity, tradition and innovation, three adjectives symptomatic of the type of this new restaurant. Here we have a pleasant atmosphere of modern ambience put in the old heart, to make the modern ambience comfortable and agreable. The design combines modernity and antiquity even in the culinary offerings, the boiled continues to be excellent just like the one of old, and next to it the restaurant is able to offer its costumers meals in line with today's trends and tastes, which is why there are also sea bass, sea bream, octopus stew with polenta. The tradition does not stop with boiled, but covers all the main dishes of our land: the sweet ravioli, risotto, duck breast with cabbage and stewed tripe. Much importance is also the cellar, the passion of the owner Billy Formis. There is a careful selection of the best national wines and reasoned on the basis of real value and their prices, with a few international names. Billy sees his cellar as something dynamic and evolving, updatind his proposals to make room for new labels. With this mindset you will be greeted and you find yourself in a warm, friendly and relaxed where you can spend a relaxing evening of good food and good drink.

Via A. de Gasperi, 3 – Pandino
Tel:0373 90266